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Gel Nail Extensions Course

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With our Gel Nail Extensions Course, you’ll learn the techniques required to create this popular trend. Ideally, you will own a manicure qualification to participate in this training. As an unbranded course, you’ll be able to use the products you enjoy on your clients. We will provide all the tools required so you don’t need your own kit.

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Course Accreditation

This is a Fully accredited course allowing you to gain insurance on completion.This course awards you with a diploma qualification.

About the Gel Nail Extension Course

Our premium Gel Nails Extensions Course is a one day course taught by an experienced teacher. This fully accredited training will allow you to obtain a diploma certificate which you can proudly display to your customers. During training, you will discover how to create a range of gel extension looks. Furthermore, you’ll begin with a manicure and progress with application tips and enhancement.

Discover how to give an accurate consultation, how to safely perform gel nail extensions to meet health and safety standards, how to effectively clean-up, as well as removal and repair techniques. You will be taught knowledge about nail disorders that may prevent extensions from being created, information about the skeletal system and muscles, nail shapes and practical tips to apply beautiful extensions using the gel technique.

During the course, students normally practice extensions on each other so it’s highly likely that you will receive a treatment. Please remove all nail extensions, polish and overlays before you course starts. On completion of the course, you will be able to perform a full gel nail extension treatment.

Our highly-knowledgeable tutors are on hand throughout week to offer you additional support both during and after training. With our premium education, you will be confident to give your clients the service they have always desired. Grow your career and your business by studying with us.