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Indian Head Massage Course

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Offer a soothing Indian head massage to your clients and delight them with this highly relaxing treatment. Our Indian Head Massage Course is designed to teach you the ultimate techniques to provide a complete head massage. Ideal for beginners or those who want to work as a mobile beauty massage therapist, learn with an expert instructor and boost your skills.

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Course Accreditation

This is a Fully accredited course allowing you to gain insurance on completion.This course awards you with a diploma qualification.

About the Indian Head Massage Course

With this Indian Head Massage Course, you will learn how to offer this stress-relieving massage to paying customers. Clients experience this treatment in the sitting position whilst being fully clothed. You will discover information about anatomy and physiology, which you will learn via home study before the course begins. Furthermore, you will learn about products and equipment needed, how to prepare for a treatment, massage techniques, hand exercises, the energy system of the body, as well as aftercare.

The fully accredited course offers a diploma certificate on completion in Indian Head Massage. You will work on other students during the course so get ready to receive an Indian head massage. You will practice skills in the upper back, facial, head and neck massage until you are competent.

At Norfolk Beauty School, we provide training by highly experienced teachers so that you learn the best techniques possible. When you train with us, you’ll become skilled in your chosen element. Develop your career in the best way possible.

What is Indian Head Massage?

Nowadays, a variety of specialized clinics offer many different massage techniques, and so, it is not surprising to see some people wondering what Indian Head Massage entails. Indian Head Massage is said to involve both science and art. It is an ancient technique Indian woman used to keep their hair long, and in healthy conditions, by increasing the sebum production of hair follicles.

Practised under the Ayurvedic healing system, Indian Head Massage focuses entirely on the head, neck, face, shoulders, and arms to release any stress stacked in the tissue, muscles, and joints of these areas. These are critical energy areas where tension, pain, and pressure gather, and Indian Head Massage aims to relief these points using gentle rhythm to release the blockage.

Also known as Champissage, Indian Head Massage is practised throughout Europe. A blind man from India, Nardra Mehta, brought the practice to the West in the 1970s as a form of head massage. Later, the massage practice was extended; involving the face, neck, and shoulders to help relieve stress, fatigue, tension, and headache. Today, Indian Head Massage can be done almost anywhere with the patient sitting in a comfortable position and fully dressed.

However, Indian Head Massage is not suitable for everyone. Patients with severe health conditions such as thrombosis, spondylitis, or head or neck injuries should avoid this kind of massage.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage can benefit you in several ways. These include keeping your hair strong, glowing, and healthy. It provides relief for those suffering from mental and emotional stress such as tension and migraine headaches, insomnia, anxiety, etc. Indian Head Massage is a beautiful and relaxing treatment option that makes you feel relaxed, refreshed, balances your mind, body, soul, and psyche. It's also useful for the following:

  • Increase the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain.
  • Improvement of cerebrospinal fluid circulation.
  • Dispel accumulated toxins in the head.
  • Relieve muscle tension and stimulate circulation.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Stimulates the growth of scalp and hair.
  • Restore shared motion.
  • Stretch and mobilize neck and shoulders tissue.
  • Balance of vital energy flow.

The goal is to eliminate the blocks in the energy channels, which builds up the negative energy that causes diseases. The belief is that when the energy is not flowing correctly, negative energy accumulates, causing common ailments, including stress, pain, soreness, and baldness or hair loss.

How to do Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage can be done in a salon or by yourself, using a massage chair. It begins with a person sitting in a comfortable position on a chair. The treatment is performed for about an hour. It starts with a deep kneading and exploration of one's back, arms, neck muscles, and shoulders.

Then you will massage your head with your scalp pressed, rubbed, gently touched, and pushed. The hair is tussled and slightly brushed. You then massage on pressure points gently and then pull and press the ears. Lastly, you massage the face while focusing on the acupressure points to relieve yourself of any sinus pressure, increase alertness, and stimulate circulation.