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All you need to know about Eyelash Extensions

For people who love beauty products, eyelash extensions are essential for a personal beauty routine. They can add more life and dimension to your appearance and help you express your personality. A lot of women hate applying make-up early in the morning, so with the trendy semi-permanent eyelash extensions, the application of mascara to achieve long, thick, dark, curly and straight lashes is a thing of the past.

Eyelash extensions are becoming more popular in recent years, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Adele and even Beyonce following this trendy beauty routine. It has also become prevalent in certain big cities around the world. If you are a newbie some questions might be running through your mind like; is it safe? What is the cost? Is it uncomfortable? And what is involved in getting one? In this article, we will consider a few points that would help you have a clearer understanding of the whole process.

Is It Safe?
The major concern of some women who haven’t tried out eyelash extensions is always about whether it is safe. Some believe that it would seal shut their eyes or lead to blindness. This myth is impossible due to the use of medical-grade adhesive by licensed and certified eyelash extension professionals. They also combine one strand per natural lash and try as much as possible to avoid the eyelid even though at times the extensions look as if they’re growing directly from the eyelids, it is not so.

A certified eyelash extension technician would never make an error of putting more than enough adhesive to your lash or spilling the glue into your eyes, and even if it happens there is no possibility of it causing you blindness or sealing your eyes together. It might cause little irritation but will never cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Others feel that an eyelash extension might actually damage their natural lash length or healthiness of their lash. While there is no proven evidence of that, the only issue that may arise is the falling off of your natural lashes due to the weight of eyelash extensions. This can only happen in the event of repeated eyelash extensions procedures, and it rarely occurs. And in most cases, it is a result of the inexperienced application and improper care of the lash extensions. It is advisable to use technicians who always ensure that their glues are made with cyanoacrylate instead of formaldehyde, hands are washed, tweezers sterilised and pillow covers sanitised.

Is it Affordable and Worth it?
There is no fixed price. Prices vary and depend on your location. Some salons charge around £40 – £60 for a set containing 70 to 80 lashes. Even though the lashes last up to a month, in some cases they also fall out. For fill-ins of lashes that fall out the price is dependant on the number of lashes you need to be filled and the more they fall out, the more the price increases. Eyelash extensions are customisable and often look real.

If cared for adequately, they last more than the specified period of expiration. Application of the eyelash extension involves a technician hand-glueing it on top of your natural lashes, leaving little room for distinction between it and the natural one.

With eyelash extensions, you can slay with your lashes appearing natural. it eliminates the need for mascara or eyelash glues. It gives you confidence whenever you hang out with family, friends and acquaintances because the lashes bring out the beauty of your eyes and invigorate your stressed-out face. No matter the thickness or voluminous nature of the mascara, it can not give you that glamorous feeling you get from eyelash extensions.

Is It Uncomfortable?
According to professional technicians, eyelash extensions do not hurt and can not be uncomfortable. But in a situation where this occurs some factors might have contributed to such a problem. The number one reason is always; improper application of the eyelash by inexperienced technicians or sensitivity or allergy to the adhesive used. It may also be due to your choice of eyelash extension, as one that has weight can stress the natural hair follicle. It could also be that you are constantly scratching your eyes, rubbing or tweaking the eyelashes.

Generally, It is not recommended for you to remove your lashes by yourself, so picking on it might redden your eyes. Eyelash technicians use a medical-grade adhesive to easily remove extensions. Also, try as much as possible to contact a professional once your eyelash extensions are hurting. If yours is as a result of sensitivity, consider using a latex-free glue. Other options include glues that are designed for sensitive eyes.

Following instructions given to you by the technician would help in making the lash comfortable for you. Always wait for at least 24 hours before getting the lashes wet. You can clean around the eyes in a circular motion and always brush the eyelash extensions before sleeping.

Procedures Involved in Getting an Eyelash Extension

Choosing Your Eyelash

When you have finally come to the conclusion that you want Kylie Jenner’s type of eyelash, it is good to know that while it may be a reality, it all depends on your eyes. There are some eyelashes that your eyes can not handle. It all comes down to the length, compatibility and strength of your natural eyelashes. If you select lashes that are long and thick, there is a possibility that your natural lashes might be damaged in the long run. So always ensure that your eyelashes extensions match your natural lashes in length and thickness.

Working with a qualified technician would make your eyelash selection easier. A good technician would help you select the proper material, density, curl and length of the lash, taking into consideration your face shape, bone structure, and natural lash. The mink material eyelash is the commonly selected one. Avoid cluster or 3d lashes as the only make your eyelash voluminous and weigh down on your natural lashes causing breakage.

You Must Have Natural Eyelashes

Before making an appointment or even selecting an eyelash extension, make sure you have a strong full lash. It is ideal for the person looking to fix eyelash extensions to have a lash of their own to prevent exposing them to breakage. If you lack one, try using a conditioning serum three weeks before making an appointment, this would help grow your lash to the required length. Ensure the serum contains a blend of natural botanicals with ingredients that improve your lash growth.

No Face Make-Up Before Appointment

To avoid interference with the adhesive glue, avoid applying mascara, eye cream, and any other eye makeup. Also, don’t curl your lashes as this leaves room for creases on the root which makes the procedure hard for the technician. The technician might end up not doing a good job. Before the eyelash extension procedure, do not rub any oily cream or wet your face by showering.

Discussion With the Technician

Have a discussion with the technician before embarking on the extension application. This would help you see the risks and benefits involved. Ensure to indicate your allergies, if any, to the technician so a suitable extension can be used for you. No experienced technician would start the eyelash extension process without asking you some necessary questions, so in the event of such happening, it is wise to look for more experienced personnel. Always use licensed estheticians or cosmetologists that have over 6 months of experience in lash fixing.

Takes Time

Most eyelash extension appointments last up to two hours. During the process, you are expected to lie very still, and it is recommended that you have a little latte, if possible none before coming in for the procedure. This would prevent twitchy eyes which may make the appointment longer than expected, and encroach on the technician’s schedule. The time is even longer for those that plan to refill their lashes, as old ones are cleaned before new ones are applied.

Adjust Your Skincare and Make-Up Routine

You have to sacrifice a lot in order to enjoy your extensions, and it is worth it. Avoid oily cream like it’s the plague. Apply eye creams only during morning hours and none at night. Remove makeup with non-oily makeup removers. Even though there are mascaras that combine well with eyelash extensions, professionals recommend that you avoid all mascaras totally. No glittery eyeshadows or powder that may cause weakening of the extensions and lead to breakage. Your eyeliner should be in liquid or gel form.

Eyelash extensions give you that amazing glow that boosts your confidence. It may feel weird the first day you wear it, but as time goes on you would become comfortable with it. They are known to spoil your normal sleeping pattern. You are required to sleep on your back and not on your side or stomach to avoid crushing them. They are a better version of strip lashes. One of the beautiful things about eyelash extensions is that your wake-up face is always shiny. No need to rush to apply make-up, you just wake up flawless.

The extensions brighten and enhance your look. Your daily beauty routine won’t take more than 5 minutes with these extensions in your life. They give your eyes a perfect contour making them wider and beautiful. It is as if you have had a facelift. In the end, we’ sometimes wish they can last forever.

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