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Body Wraps Course

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The perfect pampering treatment! Invest in our Body Wraps Course and add this luxurious treatment to your menu. Whether it’s for weight loss, cellulite, hydration or relaxation, body wraps offer a variety of benefits to clients. Extend your services and treat your customers to this refreshing service. Our course isn’t brand-specific, so you can choose which products to offer – a flexible option for our students.

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Course Accreditation

This is a Fully accredited course allowing you to gain insurance on completion.This course awards you with a diploma qualification.

About the Body Wrap Course

With our excellent Body Wraps Course, you will learn about the differing types of body wraps you can offer, from algae and chocolate to deep-sea mud. You’ll also learn about the advantages of body wraps – soothing, moisturising, invigorating, relaxing and detoxing are just a few of the reasons why clients love having a revitalising body wrap.

Our one day Body Wraps Course is fully accredited and you will gain a certificate after completion. This will allow you to gain insurance so you can provide body wraps on clients. During your course, you will discover how to consult with a client, how to choose the best product for your client’s needs, how to provide a body wrap using showering facilities and how to give a body wrap without a shower. You will also learn how to analyse the skin.

Students normally work on each other during training. However, male students will be required to bring a female model to training. We provide all the equipment for you to use during the course. To become confident in using your new skills, you will need to keep practising on family and friends at home. We have tutors who can offer additional support after the course has been completed. If you wish to know more, get in contact with us today!

What are Body Wraps?

Also known as a body mask or body cocoon, a body wrap is a spa treatment that works to improve the health and overall appearance of the skin. When it comes to skincare, body wraps are one of the most popular treatments loved by women the world over. The process starts with the application of nourishing oil to the limbs and torso, which are then wrapped in mylar bandage, cotton or plastic film. The primary goal of this treatment is to facilitate the removal of toxins, dirt and excess fluids from the skin. For best results, it's recommended to opt for a body scrub before proceeding. This allows the product to penetrate the skin deeply.

Benefits of Body Wraps

  • Removes Dead Skin
    Body wrap treatments typically feature an exfoliation stage that aids the removal of dead skin cells. As expected, the process leaves the skin smooth, beautiful and glowy. Body polish is also an excellent option if exfoliation isn't part of the body wrap package.

  • Detoxification
    Perhaps another incredible benefit of a body wrap treatment is its ability to detoxify the skin and get rid of toxins. This is especially true for wraps that feature detoxifying seaweed, clay, mud or algae.

  • Moisturise the Skin
    Most body wraps are made with moisturising ingredients that not only hydrates the skin but also nourish and smooth it. This is precisely why body wrap treatments are ideal for women looking to pamper their skin and take moisturisation to the next level.

  • Weight Loss
    Detoxifying ingredients and firmly wound bandages — this combination works to extract excess fluids and toxins from the body thus leading to temporary weight loss. Essentially, body wraps are great when it comes to losing a few pounds but they cannot take the place of eating healthy and regular exercise.


Types of Body Wraps

  • Hydrating Body Wraps
    This is as simple as it sounds — body wraps that hydrate the skin leaving it silky smooth and supple. Hydrating body wraps basically works with a natural body cream which is applied around the body (and left for a short period) after a body scrub. It's a good option for people with dry skin or those suffering from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

  • Detox Body Wraps
    Based on the premise of healthy living, a detox body wrap is aimed at getting rid of toxins and impurities from the skin (and body). For this treatment, the body is covered with natural ingredients such as mud, clay, algae or seaweed. Then, of course, wrapped in plastic or a blanket and left for a specific period.

  • Slimming Body Wraps
    Just as the name implies, slimming body wraps are created to help people lose weight (but truth be told, it's temporary). In essence, the effects of this treatment are short term, as such, they cannot replace healthy eating and regular workouts. Just think it to be a quick fix (to look great) for a special event or occasion.

  • Herbal Body Wraps
    This treatment works with a selection of herbs which are mixed with essential oils and steeped in hot water. Afterwards, cloth sheets are soaked in the solution and applied around the body. Essentially, herbal body wraps are aimed at eliminating dead skin cells to reveal smooth and healthy skin.