Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course

Take our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course and discover how this type of massage helps to remove waste and toxins from cells. There are an array of massages available for clients and manual lymphatic drainage is one of the best types to provide. Discover how to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and gain a diploma certificate in Manual Lymphatic Drainage so you can professionally work in a therapeutic environment.


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Course Accreditation

This is a Fully accredited course allowing you to gain insurance on completion.This course awards you with a diploma qualification.

About the Lymphatic Drainage Course

Our fully accredited Lymphatic Drainage Course teaches you the techniques required to give this amazing healing massage. Lymphatic drainage massage involves applying soft rhythmic pumping techniques to the body to move the lymph in the direction of its flow. This eliminates waste and toxins, allowing the lymphatic vessels to complete the role of fighting disease and infection. During training, you will discover which conditions are helped by manual lymphatic drainage, which equipment you will need to use during treatment and how massage benefits the client. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the lymphatic system.

After this course is completed, you will be able to demonstrate different massage techniques and understand how these work to treat the client. You will also learn how to work on different areas of the body.

During training, students demonstrate their skills on each other so you may need to receive a treatment. You won’t require a kit as we offer all the tools needed for training purposes.

Our expert tuition offers the best training to develop your career. As our classes have small numbers of students, you can expect individual attention to aid your learning. Additionally, we offer extra support should you require it.